An Assessment of Maritime Trade and Technology

NTIS order #PB85-239887

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Full Report ~4562K
Front Matter ~34K
Table of Contents ~6K

1: Summary ~499K
2: World Trade and Shipping ~1688K
3: The U.S. Shipping Industry ~405K
4: The U.S. Shipbuilding Industry: Status and Trends in Technology and Productivity ~831K
5: Status and Trends in Ship Design and Operating Technology ~349K
6: U.S. Maritime Policies ~363K
7: International Trade and Cargo Policies ~314K

A: Administration Announcements on Maritime Policy, 1982-83 ~29K
B: Maritime Cargo Policies of 64 Foreign Countries 1982-83 ~79K
C: Federal Departments With Maritime Responsibilities Related to Commercial Shipping and Shipbuilding Industries ~16K
D: Glossary of Acronyms and Terms ~27K
Index ~128K