The Safety, Efficacy, and Cost Effectiveness of Therapeutic Apheresis

NTIS order #PB84-114842

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Full Report ~7557K
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Table of Contents ~26K

1: Introduction and Summary ~48K
2: Apheresis: Definitions, Descriptions, and Developments ~86K
3: Scientific and Medical Aspects of Apheresis: Issues and Evidence ~115K
4: Cost Effectiveness and Reimbursement Policy: Issues and Evidence ~62K
5: Implications for Policy ~20K

A: Health Program Advisory Committee and Acknowledgments ~14K
B: Apheresis for Hemolytic-Uremic Syndrome ~39K
C: Apheresis for Inhibitors to Factor Vlll ~44K
D: Apheresis in Guillain-Barre Syndrome ~28K
E: The Cause and Pathological Development of Autoimmune Diseases ~7K
F: American Red Cross Bibliography ~6674K
References ~400K