SALYUT: Soviet Steps Toward Permanent Human Presence in Space

NTIS order #PB84-181437

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Full Report ~1655K
Front Matter ~22K
Table of Contents ~34K

Introduction ~7K
Executive Summary ~13K
Early Soviet Manned Space flight ~256K
Pre-Salyut Soyuz Space Flights ~13K
Salyut Space Station Characteristics ~262K
Salyut Activities ~539K
Future Directions ~228K
Impact on Foreign Policy ~13K
Conclusion ~20K
Postscript ~13K
General References ~18K

A: The Soviet Salyut Space Program: Space Station, Spacecraft, Support and Training Facilities ~82K
B: Soviet Space Stations: Achievements, Trends, and Outlook ~164K
C: OTA Workshop on Soviet Space Station Activities ~70K