Water-Related Technologies for Sustainable Agriculture in U.S. Arid/Semiarid Lands

NTIS order #PB84-172667

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Full Report ~9504K
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Table of Contents ~10K

1: Summary and Findings ~327K
2: Agricultural Production in the Western United States ~403K
3: Water Supply and Use WesternUnited in the States ~1129K
4: "Pollutions" Water Quality ~260K
5: Institutions Affecting Western Agricultural Water Use ~732K
6: Technologies Affecting Precipitation and Runoff ~672K
7: Technologies Affecting Surface Water Storage and Delivery ~718K
8: Technologies Affecting Soil Water ~1167K
9: Technologies Affecting Water-Use Efficiency of Plants and Animals ~889K
10: Technologies Affecting Ground Water ~672K
11: Selected Technologies Affecting Land and Water Management ~884K
12: Issues and Options for Congress ~99K

A: Features of the Arid and Semiarid Region ~46K
B: Western Regional Water Characteristics ~1343K
C: Institutions ~137K
D: Method of the Study ~17K
E: Acronyms and Glossary ~25K
F: Contractors, Work Groups, and Workshops ~26K
Index ~246K