Commercial Biotechnology: An International Analysis

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Full Report ~14832K
Front Matter ~43K
Table of Contents ~8K

1: Summary ~134K
2: Introduction ~21K

Part I: The Technologies
3: The Technologies ~1303K

Part II: Firms Commercializing Biotechnology
4: Firms Commercializing Biotechnology ~746K

Part III: Applications of Biotechnology in Specific Industrial Sectors
5: Pharmaceuticals ~1924K
6: Agriculture ~2272K
7: Specialty Chemicals and Food Additives ~473K
8: Environmental Applications ~450K
9: Commodity chemicals and Energy production ~869K
10: Bioelectronics ~80K

Part IV: Analysis of U.S. Competitiveness in Biotechnology
11: Framework for Analysis ~252K
12: Financing and Tax Incentives for Firms ~688K
13: Government Funding of Basic and Applied Research ~475K
14: Personnel Availability and Training ~1290K
15: Health, Safety, and Environmental Regulation ~729K
16: Intellectual Property Law ~724K
17: University/Industry Relationships ~498K
18: Antitrust Law ~256K
19: International Technology Transfer, Investment, and Trade ~199K
20: Targeting Policies in Biotechnology ~484K
21: Public Perception ~189K

A: Definitions of Biotechnology ~19K
B: Country Summaries ~237K
C: A Comparison of the U.S. Semiconductor Industry and Biotechnology ~100K
D: Firms in the United States Commercializing Biotechnology ~44K
E: OTA/NAS Survey of Firms of Personnel Needs in the United States ~117K
F: Recombinant DNA Research Guidelines, Environmental Laws, and Regulation of Worker Health and Safety ~147K
G: Intellectual Property Law ~90K
H: Selected Aspects of U.S. University/ Industry Relationships in Biotechnology ~85K
I: List of Acronyms and Glossary of Terms ~93K
J: Currency Conversion Factors ~7K
K: Other Contractors, Contributors, and Acknowledgments ~25K
Index ~235K