Federal Policies and the Medical Devices Industry

NTIS order #PB85-199552

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Table of Contents ~5K

1: Introduction and Summary ~479K
2: Characteristics of the Medical Devices Industry ~865K
3: Payment Policies for Health Care and Medical Devices ~3475K
4: Research and Development; Policies Related to Medical Devices ~5196K
5: Regulation of Medical Devices by the Food and Drug Administration ~415K
6: Regulation of the Providers of Medical Device Devices ~2621K
7: Veterans Administration Policies Regarding Medical Devices ~364K

A: Method of the Study ~21K
B: Acknowlegements and Health Program Advisory Committee ~17K
C: The Innovative Process in the Medical Devices Field ~49K
D: Patent Policy Regarding Medical Devices ~54K
E: Method Used for OTA's Analysis of Applications to the National Institutes of Health for Small Business Innovation Research.. ~6K
F: The Database of Venture Economics, Inc., on Sources of Financial Capital ~27K
G: Tax Policy and Research and Development on Medical Devices ~36K
H: Consensus Standards Related to International Trade in Medical Devices ~84K
I: Governmental Regulation of International Trade in Medical Devices: United States, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, France,... ~283K
J: Glossary of Acronyms and Terms ~20K
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Index ~92K