Human Gene Therapy

NTIS order #PB85-206076

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Full Report ~2092K
Front Matter ~29K
Table of Contents ~11K

History ~76K
Types of gene therapy ~64K
Techniques of gene therapy ~32K
Background on genetic diseases ~69K
Medical aspects of gene therapy ~86K
Issues that may arise from clinical application ~9K
Social implications of gene therapy ~39K
The Federal role in gene therapy ~82K
Conclusion ~7K
Technical note 1 ~401K
Technical note 2 ~13K
Technical note 3 ~14K
Technical note 4 ~228K
Technical note 5 ~62K

A: Diagnostic Technologies for Genetic Diseases ~190K
B: Privacy and Control of Genetic Patient Data ~87K
C: Working Group on Human Gene Therapy Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee National Institutes of Health ~10K
D: Acknowledgements ~6K
E: List of Abbreviations and Glossary ~56K
F: References ~679K