Remote Sensing and the Private Sector: Issues for Discussion

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Full Report ~2584K
Front Matter ~32K
Table of Contents ~6K

1: Executive Summary ~120K
2: Introduction ~333K
3: International Relations and Foreign Policy ~204K
4: Public Interest in Remote Sensing ~514K
5: U.S. Government Needs for Remote-Sensing Data ~696K
6: National Security Needs and Issues ~47K

A: Remote Sensing in the ~203K
B: The Use of Landsat Data in State Information Systems ~82K
C: Survey of University Programs in Remote Sensing Funded Under Grants From the NASA University-Space Application Program ~55K
D: Remote Sensing in Agriculture. ~42K
E: Hydrology ~48K
F: Forestry ~36K
G: Monitoring Desertification Processes by Landsat ~58K
H: El Nino and Climatic Variations ~12K
I: Monitoring Volcanic Activity ~237K