Technologies To Sustain Forest Resources

NTIS order #PB92-182104

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Full Report ~7628K
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Table of Contents ~5K

Introduction ~277K
1: Summary ~453K
2: Importance of Tropical Forests ~1027K
3: Status of Tropical Forests ~493K
4: Causes of Deforestation and Forest Resource Degradation ~408K
5: Organizations Dealing With Tropical Forest Resources ~165K
6: U.S. Tropical Forests: Caribbean and Western Pacific ~914K
7: Technologies for Undisturbed Forests ~969K
8: Technologies to Reduce Overcutting Wing ~276K
9: Forestry Technologies for Disturbed Forests ~574K
10: Forestry Technologies to Support Tropical Agriculture ~762K
11: Resource Development Planning ~124K
12: Education, Research, and Technology Transfer ~190K
13: Forestry Technologies for U.S. Tropical Territories ~684K
14: Options for Congress ~210K

A: Status of Tropical Forests: Tables ~137K
B: Glossary ~32K
C: Commissioned Papers ~17K
Index ~136K