Technology Transfer to the Middle East

NTIS order #PB85-127744

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Full Report ~10247K
Front Matter ~40K
Table of Contents ~7K

1: Summary and Findings ~131K
2: Analyzing Technology Trade and Transfer: Conceptual Issues and Policy Choices ~434K
3: The Middle East as a Context for Technology Transfer ~1197K
4: Technology Trade With the Middle East ~469K
5: Petrochemical Technology Transfers ~942K
6: Telecommunications Technology Transfers ~817K
7: Technology Transfers in Commercial Aircraft Support Systems ~1822K
8: Technology Transfers in Medical Services ~660K
9: Nuclear Technology Transfers ~698K
10: Patterns in Technology Transfer: Impacts and Experiences ~263K
11: Recipient Country Policies ~1052K
12: Policies of Other Supplier Countries ~896K
13: U.S. Policies Affecting Technology Trade and Transfer ~457K
14: Future Prospects for Technology Trade ~271K
15: Options for U.S. Policies Affecting Technology Transfer ~147K

A: Selected Medical Services Projects in the Middle East ~118K
B: Selected Names and Acronyms ~17K
Index ~184K