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Celebrate EveryBODY Week
A week-long collaboration between the Eating Concerns Peer Educators, OWL, Princeton Association of Black Women, and University Health Services to raise awareness about eating disorders but to--more importantly--appreciate everyBODY. There will be a table in Frist on Monday, Thursday, and Friday with information about events and to build a wall of love-my-body statments.

Love Your Body Party
Friday, April 6, 10pm in Wilson Blackbox
Kickoff event. Dance party and Tshirt giveaway!

Film Screening: Killing Us Softly
Monday, April 9, Time/Location TBA
Part of Celebrate EveryBODY Week
A film of Tuesday's lecturer, Dr. Jean Kilbourne, on the power of advertising in body issues, sexual violence, alcohol, and drug use. See a clip here.

Slim Hopes: Advertising and the Obsession with Thinness Lecture
Tuesday, April 10, Time/Location TBA
Part of Celebrate EveryBODY Week
Dr. Jean Kilbourne is a pioneer in research on the affect of advertising. She is also one of the most popular college campus lecturers in the country! Everyone claims that advertising doesn't affect them, but what's really going on? This lecture examines ads, the change in "ideal" body image over the last 30 years, and the "moral" issue of thinness.

Yoga/Stress Reduction
Wednesday, April 11 in Frist Multipurpose Room
Part of Celebrate EveryBODY Week
Mindfullness Stress Reduction Yoga class to take off the mid-week pressure.

"SHIFT _ your life" 2007 OWL Miniconference
More information soon! Email lbaste@princeton.edu for advance details.

Manicure for the Cure!
Thursday & Friday, May 3-4
, Whig Hall, Time TBA
A fundraiser for the Susan G. Komen foundation: give a donation in return for a manicure, just in time for Houseparties Weekend! Sponsored by The Center for Jewish Life, OWL, Princeton Against Cancer Together, and the Princeton Association of Black Women.

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