EEB 346: Biology of Coral Reef 2009


Professor: Stephen W. Pacala
Description/Objectives: This field and lecture course provides an in-depth introduction to the biology of tropical coral reefs, with an emphasis on reef fish ecology and behavior. Each day begins with a lecture, followed by six to eight hours on the water, and ends with data analysis, reading and a discussion of recent papers. Students learn to identify fishes, corals and invertebrates, and learn a variety of field methods including underwater censusing, mapping, videotaping and the recording of inter-individual interactions. Each year group projects will vary depending on previous findings and the interests of the faculty.
Sample Reading List: Sale, P.F. , The ecology of fishes on coral reefs; Hixon, M.A. , Population dynamics of coral-reef fishes; Doherty, P.J., and T. Fowler , A test of recruitment limitation in a coral reef fish; Caley, M.J. , Age-specific mortality rates in reef fishes; Leis, J.M. and B.M. Carson-Ewart , Complex behaviour by coral-reef fish larvae; McCormick, M.I. , Condition and growth of reef fish at settlement.
Prerequisites and Restrictions: EEB 321 and enrollment in the EEB Spring semester in tropical biology taught in Panama.

First row:
Jillian Schurle, Miriam Kirsch (Germany), Morgan Pecora-Saipe, Justine Li, Max Tarjan.
Second row:
Benjamin Bitnbach (Germany), Edward Hurme, Allison Tracy, Melisa Cano (Panama), Cassandra Derreza-Greeven (Gemany), Jennifer Timm (Germany), Marielle von Toor (Germany), Suvi Gross, (David Gibbs, Ghanasyam Bey, Theresa Laverty.