September 13, 2000


Ready Set Action

by Meg Jameson

On Thursday, August 8, just before 3:00 p.m., Sam Caine (looking through camera) of Northampton, Massachusetts, was setting up a shot for his film The Wedding at the pedestrian crossing of Washington Road, across from the Woodrow Wilson School. Caine, a filmmaking student at the New York Film Academy's summer session at Princeton, explained that the film was "Chaplin-esque," shot at 18 frames per second just as legendary director Charlie Chaplin's films were. The plot, Caine said, revolves around a man who is late for his own wedding and the obstacles he encounters on his way to the service. The punchline is also reminiscent of Chaplin: When the groom finally arrives, he discovers it's the wrong day. This summer marked the sixth year the New York Film Academy has held one of its programs on Princeton's campus.