October 11, 2000


Davis Carlisle Burroughs Jr. '41

Dave died May 3, 2000, after a long battle with Parkinson's disease.

Coming to Princeton from Taft, he roomed with Durham, Hillman, Off, and joined Cottage Club.

Manager of the hockey team, business manager of Tiger, member of Triangle, he was also regimental commander of our ROTC unit. He graduated with honors in geology.

During WWII, Dave served as a lt.-col. with the 82nd Airborne Division.

A 1949 Harvard law school graduate, he specialized in estate law, with the Pittsburgh firm of Reed, Smith, Shaw and McClay.

Dave and his wife, Margaret, were avid pilots and owners of a 50-foot motor yacht.

He is survived by his wife, Margaret Donahue, sons Davis III, Peter, and Carlin, daughters, Clarke Weidlen, Janet Jordan, a brother, Richard S., and six grandchildren.

Our class has lost an outstanding gentleman.

The Class of 1941

Robert Cushman Eberle '41

Bob died June 27, 2000, in Sarasota, Fla.

A devotee of Wagner and Goethe, Bob showed early interest in Nietzsche at Brooklyn's Poly-Prep.

He was Princeton Cane Spree's first freshman winner. As wrestling capt., Bob won two Eastern Intercollegiate Championships from 1940-41, an unbroken record.

He graduated in biology, then spent two years in medicine at Columbia, leaving to serve as army lt. in medical administration.

In 1948, he obtained an MA in drama from UNC-Chapel Hill. He soon started one of the first winter stock theaters in Florida, eventually becoming a prime-time television director at NBC, (Kate Smith Show - high point working with Balanchine). At WOR, while casting Harlem Detective, he resisted pressure from McCarthy's Red Channels.

Dearly loved by family and friends, he is survived by Mary Hanchette, his wife of 54 years, children Ruth, Robert, Russell, and three grandchildren.

We shall miss this mighty welterweight.

The Class of 1941

David Claire Lake '41

Dave died at home in Vero Beach on May 18, 2000. His widow, Jean Compo Lake, survives.

After Lawrenceville, he majored in public affairs at Princeton and was a reserve officer in the ROTC. He joined Charter Club, was on the golf squad, the business board of the Prince and did some CAA flying. His roommates were Elkins, Chapman, Larsen, Proctor, Walker, and Woolsey. He married Dooley Sedlmayr's sister-in-law.

During WWII, he rose to maj. in the army. After the war, he worked for Prudential and for IBM until he retired. He was a deep-water fisherman and an enthusiastic golfer.

Survivors are Joanna Bridges, Rosemary Graham, Charles D., David Jr., Michael, Jill MacMillan, Andre Mayer, George C. Sedlmayr Jr., Philip Sedlmayr, and Stephanie Sedlmayr. There are 10 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

It is sad to lose such a talented gentleman.

The Class of 1941

Richard Dike Faxon '42

Dick died June 24, 2000, in Tulsa, his home since 1947. After a career as a geologist, he retired from Keener Oil Co. in 1981, with the onset of Parkinson's disease.

Coming to Princeton from the Berkshire School, Dick majored in geology, was a three year letter man in hockey, and was a member of Cap and Gown. During his nearly four years with the Army Air Corps, he flew Spitfires and P51s in the Mediterranean theater, achieving the rank of capt. and earning the Air Medal with 16 oak leaf clusters as well as the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Silver Star, while downing five enemy aircraft and damaging three others as the only acknowledged Class of '42 ace.

Joining Keener Oil Company after the war, Dick worked as a geologist until retirement.

A loyal and dedicated Princetonian, Dick will be missed, but never forgotten. To his widow, Johnnie, his daughters, Betsy and Marcie, his stepdaughter, Barbara, and to his five grandchildren, the class extends its condolences.

The Class of 1942

Nichols Fisher '42

Nick died Apr. 23, 2000, in Greenwich, Conn., his home for most of his life. He was a retired banker at the time of his death.

Preparing for Princeton at the Asheville School, Nick majored in history and was a member of Campus Club. He joined the Army Air Corps and served in California during the war.

After the war, he returned to Greenwich to enter the banking business, serving with the Putnam Trust Co.

Predeceased by his wife, Grace, Nick is survived by his two children, Loring and Mark, to whom the class extends most sincere sympathies.

The Class of 1942

Robert Hampton III '42

Bob died June 17, 2000, at Danbury (Conn.) hospital, of complications from emphysema. He retired in 1982 as a senior partner in the accounting firm Price Waterhouse.

Joining the class from the Lawrenceville School, Bob majored in classics, graduated with honors, and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. He was also a member of Dial Lodge. During WWII, he spent over four years in the navy, serving as a lt. in the office of the chief of naval operations for India and China. Receiving an MBA from the Harvard business school in 1947 led to his career in accounting, initially with Price Waterhouse. He left after a few years to join S. D. Leidesdorf, another accounting firm, where he became a partner and director of research. He rejoined Price Waterhouse in 1973 as a partner in their national office in NYC. He was predeceased by his wife, Harriet.

To his three sons, Robert, Randolph, and Ronald, and to his granddaughter, Renee, the class extends its condolences.

The Class of 1942

Bertram Lippincott O'Neill '42

Bert died July 9, 2000, in Philadelphia, home for most of his life. Retired for nearly 25 years, he had a career in insurance and retailing.

Coming to Princeton from St. George's School, Bert majored in psychology and was a member of Cottage Club. After WWII, having served in the army, he returned to Philadelphia to join the family insurance business, W. C. O'Neill Sons. Selling his partnership interest some 20 years later, he worked for a number of years as v.p. of Aluminum Biclimatic Corp., specializing in aluminum buildings and components. He also owned a retail store, known as La Boutique.

Bert served on the boards of both the Historical and Genealogical Societies of Pennsylvania and the advisory boards of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the US Court Tennis Assn.

To his widow, Jane, his son, Bert Jr., and his grandson, Bert III, the class extends sincere sympathies.

The Class of 1942

Matthew Thomas Geis Jr. '43

Matty died on June 2, 2000, from cancer at the age of 81. He died at Royal Palm Convalescent Center, Vero Beach.

A NYC native, he prepped for Princeton at Lawrenceville. While on campus, Matty was a member of Quadrangle and was on the track and tennis teams.

He was an executive at Cannon Mills in New York for many years, retiring in 1985. Three years later, he moved to Vero Beach, where he became a member of the Riomar Yacht Club.

Matty is survived by his three children: a son, Matthew III; daughters Mary Margaret Caskey and Dorothy.

To the entire family, we extend our deepest and most heartfelt sympathies.

The Class of 1943

Lemuel Conner Hutchins '43

Lem died Aug. 14, 2000, at his home in Tyler, Tex., at the age of 77.

Lem graduated from the high school in that city, then Princeton, and ultimately, Harvard law school in 1949. During WWII, he served in the Army Air Corps in Iceland and Guam.

A practicing attorney for more than 50 years, Lem acted as an assistant DA early in his career and later as pres. of the county bar association. He was very interested in the Boy Scouts, having been an eagle scout himself, as well as such charitable organizations as Community Chest, the Red Cross, and the YMCA. In addition, Lem was a Mason, Shriner, and Rotarian.

He is survived by his wife of 52 years, the former Martha Jo Hawes, son Robert, daughters Nancy Bailey and Martha Lee Hutchins, and two grandchildren.

To the entire family, we extend our most heartfelt condolences.

The Class of 1943

James Robert Parham '43

Jake died in St. Louis on Feb. 25, 2000, at the age of 78.

While on campus, he took his degree from the Woodrow Wilson School and was a member of Cloister Inn.

During WWII and the Korean War, Jake served in the air force, eventually rising to the rank of lt.-col.

For more than 50 years, he was a member of the law firm of Thompson & Coburn in Belleville, Ill. Following Princeton and his military service, he graduated Order of the Coif from the U. of Illinois law school.

Jake's public and community service record was outstanding: past pres. of the Boys Club of America, YMCA board member, Rotary, regular Methodist Church communicant.

Jake is survived by his wife, the former Joan Rinck, and three sons, Chip, Joe, and Randy.

To the entire family, we extend our deepest and most sincere condolences.

The Class of 1943

Paul Kroehnke '44

Paul, who lived in Vineyard Haven, Mass., died there on Aug. 18, 2000, of lung cancer and pneumonia after a long illness. He had been retired on the island for the past 22 years.

At Princeton, he majored in mathematics, was a member of Dial Lodge, and ran the 100-yard dash on the track team. He spent three years in the navy, of which more than two were in the Pacific.

Paul married Georgia Holpp in 1946. He got an MS from Washington U. and then worked as a project engineer in St. Louis, first with Emerson Electric and then with Sperry Gyroscope. His hobby was photography, and he moved to Syosset, Long Island, and established a camera shop there for 20 years; he was also involved in painting and sculpture. For over 50 years, Paul was a regular attendee at class reunions.

He is survived by Georgia and their four children, Louise, Paul Jr., Sally, and Carol; and two grandchildren. The class extends sympathy to them all.

The Class of 1944

Paul Charles Castellanos Jr. '50

Paul died on Apr. 3, 2000, at Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center in Plainfield, N.J. He was 71.

He prepared for Princeton at Plainfield H.S. and then Lawrenceville, where he participated in football, basketball, and track.

At Princeton, Paul majored in psychology and was a member of Cannon Club.

After graduation, Paul served in the navy for four years and then joined Borden, Inc., in marketing. He was Elsie the Cow's road manager for the next 16 years, including the 1964-65 New York World's Fair. Paul, a member of MENSA, also worked for Public Relations Society of America and was self-employed for 10 years.

Paul was a widower and is survived by three daughters, Karen C. Badalaty, Sandra Owen, and Diane C. Joest, and eight grandchildren to whom the class offers its deepest sympathies.

The Class of 1950

Fred Wendell Doyle '50

Fred died of brain cancer on Feb. 15, 2000. He was 72.

While at Princeton, he was a member of Tower Club, Theatre Intime, and Orange Key and participated in freshman crew and wrestling.

Following graduation, Fred entered Yale medical school, earning his MD in 1955. He continued his internship and assistant residency at Yale in the department of pathology. Then followed four years in the navy, where he was stationed for two years each at Bethesda and Pensacola.

In 1965, Fred settled in Coventry, Conn., and spent the next 22 years as cohead of the pathology department at Windham Memorial Community Hospital in Willimantic. He retired in 1987 and moved to Lake Lure in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, where he maintained a lakeside garden and set up a woodworking shop.

Fred was predeceased by five months by his wife, Priscilla. He is survived by three sons: Scott W., Bret, and David B., to whom the class offers its sincerest sympathies.

The Class of 1950

David Henderson Williams '50

Dave Williams died on Sept. 3, 1997.

He majored in chemical engineering and was a member of Court Club.

Following graduation, Dave entered Harvard business school and obtained an MBA in 1952.

We have no further information on his life.

Dave is survived by his wife, Lois-Karen, a daughter, Elizabeth W. Hughes '86, and a son, Clark P., to whom the class offers its sincerest sympathies.

The Class of 1950

Alan Shortridge Rodgers '53

Al died Feb. 12, 1999, of congestive heart failure. He was 68 and had entered Princeton from Webster H.S. A big fellow, Al rowed heavyweight crew for four years, chose chemistry as his major, and was a member of Prospect Club. Ron Cape, who roomed with Al during sophomore and junior years, remembers him as very interested in opera. During their midnight bridge sessions, Al would have one ear near the record player listening to his favorite arias. After graduation, Al spent two years in the army and earned his PhD at the U. of Colorado. He signed on with 3M Co. and later relocated to Texas A&M as a chemistry professor. We extend sincere condolences to wife Ann, daughters Karen, Susanne, and Julia, and sons Mark and John.

The Class of 1953

Aristid Victor von Grosse '56

Vic died on Oct. 24, 1999. He was a resident of Laguna Hills, Calif., for many years. Born in Chicago, Vic entered Princeton from the Haverford School, played soccer as a freshman, majored in chemical engineering, and was a member of Key and Seal.

After graduation, Vic headed to California, studied nuclear physics for a year at Berkeley, and earned his MBA at Stanford. Vic was with Ford Aerospace and Communications Corp. (later Loral) for 33 years. He married Veronica Jack, who was from Scotland, and had two children. What he enjoyed most in life was spending time with his family, especially sharing numerous international summer vacations. During retirement, Vic and Veronica continued to travel extensively - Europe, the US, Canada, and New Zealand.

Vic is survived by his wife, Veronica, a daughter, Shane, a son, Kimbray, and newborn grandson Kayden. The class extends its deep sympathy to the von Grosse family.

The Class of 1956

Michael Mintz '79

The class recently learned that Michael Mintz died on Nov. 5, 1995. He grew up in Philadelphia, winning a full scholarship to Episcopal Academy. At Princeton, Michael majored in sociology, earned an Afro-American Studies certificate, and studied dance, founding a modern dance troupe and serving as artistic director, choreographer, and lead dancer. He continued dance at UCLA and Merce Cunningham's studio and received a master's in education at Rutgers.

Michael devoted his life to improving minority education. He was a vice principal at New Brunswick [N.J.] H.S. and was principal of the Walter T. Bergen School in Bloomingdale, N.J. Before health forced his retirement in 1994, Michael aspired to open his own school. He loved working with young people, inspiring them to pursue education.

Michael's long-time companion, Reginald Nelson, died in 1993. The class extends its sympathy to his mother, Jessie, siblings Nona and Kenneth, and his many devoted family members.

The Class of 1979