October 25, 2000


Campus Storyteller

by Meg Jameson

The October 3 tour group laughed at Orange Key guide Andrew DeFilippis's tale of the legend behind FitzRandolph Gate, especially when he recommended that if they wanted to get into Princeton, they would do best to follow tradition and avoid walking out through it. DeFilippis, a sophomore, has been giving tours since last spring and last summer worked as the Orange Key program coordinator. Part of his summer job was to rewrite the tour route, which has changed since the Orange Key office relocated from Maclean House to the Frist Campus Center. "In the old tour, guides did the history portion of the tour first, then the residential colleges/student life, and then academic buildings," DeFilippis explains. "Now that we start at Frist, we do academics first, then history, then the residential colleges." Although the most common question, DeFilippis says, is, "How do I get in?", he's also gotten some uncommon ones--such as the one from a man who asked, "If you have eating clubs here, why are you so skinny?"