December 6, 2000: Books

Recently published books by alumni and faculty


An American Family: The Kennans, the First Three Generations - George F. Kennan '25. W. W. Norton $22.95. The author reconstructs the story of his American forebears and their roots in Scotland, evoking the challenges faced by early settlers in New England and the importance of their values to the United States today. Kennan is a professor, emeritus, at the Institute of Advanced Study.

The Magic of Wine: A Book of Quotations - Jacqueline L. Quillen and George H. Boynton '35. Taylor Publishing $16.95. A collection of thoughts on wine from such diverse figures as Plato, Mark Twain, and Art Buchwald, with chapters on claret, port, and champagne, as well as toasts and verities. Boynton is a general partner with Tuxedo Park Associates in Tuxedo Park, New York.

The Essential William H. Whyte - edited by Albert LaFarge. Fordham $39.95 cloth/$19.95 paper. William Whyte '39's core writings, including selections from The Organization Man, the controversial bestseller that established its author as a leading voice in the debate over the social changes beginning to affect postwar America. Whyte died last year. A Time for War: Remembering Guadalcanal, a Battle Without Maps (Fordham $25cloth/$17.50 paper) is Whyte's newly discovered memoir of his coming of age as a Marine intelligence officer during World War II.

Napa Valley - edited by Patton Howell '42. Saybrook $14.95. An anthology of first-person accounts by vineyard workers, bankers, artists, and winemakers who live in Napa Valley. Howell is a psychologist at the Western Human Science Institute in Dallas.

Weathering a Century of Change: Chatham, Cape Cod - The Story of a Seaside Village, 1900-2000 - Robert D. B. Carlisle '44. Chatham Historical Society $29.95. Illustrated with over 275 photographs, this historical account traces the people and events that have shaped Chatham, where the author lives.

Steeplechasing: A Complete History of the Sport in North America - Peter Winants '48. Derrydale $75. An illustrated volume that covers jockeys, owners, race venues, and star horses, from the earliest days of North American racing up to the present. Winants is a horse and racing photographer and lives in Middleburg, Virginia.

A Rough Ride to Albany: Teddy Runs for Governor - John A. Corry '53. Fordham $24.95. An account of Theodore Roosevelt's campaign for governor of New York four months following his charge up San Juan Hill. Corry is a tax attorney in New York City.

Cavern - Jake Page '58. University of New Mexico $24.95. The spelunking protagonist of this thriller discovers a vast and beautiful cave, evidence of an extinct species of bear, and mysterious disappearances at an underground nuclear waste storage facility. Page lives in Corrales, New Mexico.

Morality Imposed: The Rehnquist Court and Liberty in America - Stephen E. Gottlieb '62. New York University $40. Considers the extent to which the current court justices decide cases in accordance with their preexisting philosophy of law and ideological assumptions. Gottlieb is a professor of law at Albany Law School.

The Magic of Rapport, 2nd ed. - Jerry Richardson '64. Meta $16.95. Techniques and strategies for skillful negotiation. Richardson is a San Francisco-based consultant.

Trout Dreams: A Gallery of Fly-Fishing Profiles - J. I. Merritt '66. Derrydale $24.95. A series of profiles and reflections on the luminaries of contemporary fly-fishing. Former PAW editor Merritt, a contributing editor to Field and Stream, lives in Pennington, New Jersey.

Original Tao: Inward Training (Nei-yeh) and the Foundations of Taoist Mysticism - Harold D. Roth '70. Columbia $29.50. Translation of and commentary on the seminal text of Taoism, exhumed from the pages of the Kuan Tzu. Roth is a professor of religious studies and East Asian studies at Brown.

Friendly Takeover: How an Employee Buyout Saved a Steel Town - James B. Lieber '71. Penguin $13.95. This study of the turnaround at a West Virginia steel plant documents the struggle between supporters of an employee buyout and the entrenched interests of labor and management. Lieber practices law in Pittsburgh.

Spiritual Warrior III: Solace for the Heart in Difficult Times - B. T. Swami (aka John E. Favors '72). Hari-Nama Press $23. The author brings together Eastern, Western, and African worldviews to provide spiritual solutions for material problems. Bkhaki Tirtha Swami is director of the Institute for Applied Spiritual Technology in Washington, D.C.

Does Atlas Shrug? The Economic Consequences of Taxing the Rich - edited by Joel B. Slemrod '73. Harvard $55. Presents evidence by leading economists on the effects of taxes on business formation, executive compensation, accumulation of wealth, portfolio allocation, and realization of capital gains. Slemrod is the Paul W. McCracken professor of business economics and public policy at the University of Michigan Business School.

Asian American Dreams: The Emergence of an American People - Helen Zia '73. Farrar, Straus and Giroux $25. Examines the transformation of Asian Americans from a few small, disconnected, and largely invisible ethnic groups into a self-identified and influential racial group. Zia is a journalist living in the San Francisco Bay area.

The Wings of Merlin - T. A. Barron '74. Penguin Putnam $19.99. This book for children is the final installment in the series The Lost Years of Merlin. Barron lives in Colorado.

Transforming Images: How Photography Complicates the Picture - Barbara E. Savedoff '78. Cornell $35. An illustrated exploration of the ways in which photographic works of art differ from those of other visual media. Savedoff is an associate professor of philosophy at Baruch College.

Receiving Erin's Children: Philadelphia, Liverpool, and the Irish Famine Migration, 1845-1855 - J. Matthew Gallman '79. North Carolina $19.95. Examines the meaning of the Irish famine migration in the context of urban development and reform, ultimately addressing questions of the national characters of the U.S. and Britain. Gallman is Henry R. Luce professor of the Civil War era at Gettysburg College.

Natural Laws in Scientific Practice - Marc Lange '85. Oxford $60. This account of the roles that natural laws play in scientific reasoning addresses important aspects of physics as well as older philosophical ideas. Lange is an associate professor of philosophy at the University of Washington.

The Network Inside Out - Annelise Riles '88. Michigan $49.50. An ethnography of international human rights networks and the operation of the United Nations Conference system. Riles is an assistant professor at Northwestern University School of Law.

From a Sealed Room - Rachel Kadish '91. Berkeley $13.95. This novel explores the interlaced lives of three generations of women in Jerusalem: an adventurous college student, an unfulfilled wife and mother, and a fragile Holocaust survivor. Kadish lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.





Failed Crusade: America and the Tragedy of Post-Communist Russia - Stephen F. Cohen. W. W. Norton $21.95. Explores the demodernization and destabilization of Russia since the dissolution of the Soviet Union and argues that the country now represents a greater threat to U.S. security than it did during the Cold War. Cohen is a professor of Russian studies and history at New York University and a professor of politics, emeritus, at Princeton.

In Plato's Cave - Alvin Kernan. Yale $30 cloth/$14.95 paper. This memoir describes the transformation of academic life in the second half of the 20th century from the perspective of the author's life as student, professor, provost, and dean. Kernan is a professor, emeritus, of English.

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