December 6, 2000: Snapshot

Middle East Message

by Ashley Lefrak '01

Every day since October 30, a group of Palestinian sympathizers has held an hour-long vigil in Firestone Plaza in memory of "victims of Israeli aggression." On this day, November 8, participants included Ashe Husein, a staff member in the architecture department; Asli Bali '99, a politics graduate student; Zia Mian, a staff member at the Center for Energy and Environmental Studies; Nisreen Salti '99, and Sharon Weiner, a postdoc in the Center for Energy and Environmental Studies. Says Husein, "This is not a political statement, it is more in memory of those who died." The group, which says it has received a sympathetic response from many passersby, says it plans to continue the daily vigil "until the conflict ceases."