February 21, 2001: Snapshot

Still in Harmony

by Ricardo Barros

On Thursday, January 25, a group of former Tigertones from the late 1950s and early 1960s joined their current counterparts in the Tigertone room in Foulke Hall for a day of making music. In the morning, when this artistic photograph was taken, veterans (from left to right) Jim Millinger '58, Rob MacGregor '60, Allen Whitman '56, Dick Atcheson '56, Dirk Owens '56, Rod Johnstone '58, and Bob Bushnell '59, along with senior Benjamin Roman (second from right), sang old standbys like Coney Island Baby, I Got Rhythm, Blues in the Night, Summertime, and Mood Indigo. In the afternoon nine more undergraduates added their voices, which Atcheson said "tend to be more deeply expressive, more rich in feeling, than a lot of our stuff, which was famously ‘boop-boop-de-do.' " The once and former 'Tones get together at least once a year to socialize and sing, and join the students in Blair Arch during Reunions.