May 16, 2001: Snapshot

Cans for a Cause

by Ashley Lefrak 01

Sophomore Kyle Stout stole the show at an April 9 rally outside Frist sponsored by the Workers’ Rights Organizing Committee (WROC) calling on the university to provide automatic cost-of-living, or COLA, increases rather than merit increases alone for its lowest-wage earners. Stout collected the cans he wore from university workers who were unable to attend the rally because of work. After the rally — which also included speeches by Princeton Borough Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (pictured in background, left), state senator Shirley Turner (background, right), and professor of English John Fleming (not shown) — WROC supporters marched to Nassau Hall, where they tried to drop off the bag of cola cans in the provost’s office. The doors were locked, however, and the protesters left the building chanting “We will return.”