November 21, 2001: Books Received

By Alumni

The Road to Jericho: A Contemporaneous Tale of Good and Evil — William Prickett ’47.

1st Books Library $19.95 cloth/$11.95 paper/$4.95 e-book. This novel recounts the life of Archibald Bullock Montgomery IV from his senior year at Princeton, through his marriage motivated by selfishness rather than mutual love, and concluding with his 30th reunion at Princeton. Prickett lives in Chesapeake City, Maryland.

True Men and Traitors: From the OSS to the CIA, My Life in the Shadows — David W. Doyle ’49. John Wiley $24.95. During his career as a former high-level CIA agent, Doyle served as a spymaster in the Far East, Burundi, Senegal, and the Soviet Bloc Division; he was the CIA’s base chief in the Congo when Premier Patrice Lumumba was assassinated. The author lives in Honolulu.

Foreign in a Domestic Sense: Puerto Rico, American Expansion, and the Constitution — edited by Christina Duffy Burnett ’90 and Burke Marshall. Duke $69.95 cloth/$23.95 paper. The contributors discuss the history of U.S. imperialism and the legal issues surrounding the status of U.S. territories. Burnett is a research associate in the Program in Law and Public Affairs at Princeton.

The Huntsman — Whitney Terrell ’91. Viking $25.95. The murder of a young Kansas City socialite serves as the starting point for a contemporary tale of incest, hypocrisy, and race relations. Terrell is a writer-in-residence for the School of Professional Studies at Rockhurst University in Kansas City.

The Muse Asylum — David Czuchlewski ’98. Putnam $23.95. In this novel three recent college graduates search to uncover the identity of a great modern American writer but find themselves caught in a game of reflections and reversals. The author is a student at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City.

It’s a Global Jungle: Can It Become a Global Village — Daniel Wit *50. $10.95 paper/$3.95 e-book. Explores humankind’s contribution to global violence and conflict and suggests steps toward managing international conflict more effectively. Wit lives in Palm Desert, California.

Rhode Island Stained Glass: An Historical Guide — Paul F. Norton *52. William L. Bauhan $32.50 cloth/$27.50 paper. Documents 320 buildings arranged alphabetically by town and church and includes a register of studios, artisans, and artists that designed and executed the stained-glass windows. Norton is chair of the art history department at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Inventing the Renaissance Putto — Charles Dempsey *63. North Carolina $59.95. Discussing the manifestations of the putto (often portrayed as a mischievous baby) in 15th-century Italian art and literature, Dempsey explores the fusion of classical forms with local, vernacular, and modern Italian traditions. Dempsey is a professor of Italian Renaissance and Baroque art at Johns Hopkins.

Us vs. Them: American Political and Cultural Conflict from WWII to Watergate — Robert J. Bresler *64. SR Books $55.00 cloth/ $17.95 paper. This textbook collects documents designed to introduce students to the historical roots of contemporary cultural politics. Bresler is a professor of public policy at the School of Public Affairs, Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg.

Kaon Physics — edited by Jonathan L. Rosner *65 and Bruce Winstein. Chicago $70. Leading theorists and experimentalists synthesize the current state of the field and suggest new directions for the future study of kaons, first detected in 1947. Rosner is a professor of physics at the University of Chicago.

Ahead of the Curve?: UN Ideas and Global Challenges — Louis Emmerij, Richard Jolly, and Thomas Weiss *74. Indiana $59.95 cloth/ $24.95 paper. The first volume in the United Nations Intellectual History Project, this book analyzes successes and weaknesses of key U.N. concepts of international economic and social development. Weiss is Presidential Professor at the CUNY Graduate Center.

Weathering the Storm: Sverre Petterssen, the D-Day Forecast, and the Rise of Modern Meteorology — edited by James Rodger Fleming *88. American Meteorological Society $70. This autobiographical memoir traces the life of a key figure in the field of weather analysis and forecasting. Petterssen developed the Bergen-school and upper-air techniques and discovered what were later called “jet streams.” Fleming teaches at Colby College.

Andy Warhol — Wayne Koestenbaum *88. Lipper/Viking $19.95. Drawing on interviews with the artist’s collaborators, his writings, ephemera in his time capsules, and his provocative and powerful films, the author considers issues of eroticism and homosexuality in Warhol’s life and work. Koestenbaum is a professor of English at the CUNY Graduate Center.

By Faculty

Understanding Figurative Language: From Metaphors to Idioms — Sam Glucksberg. Oxford $27.95. The author proposes a new theory of metaphor comprehension and argues that figurative language involves the same kinds of linguistic and pragmatic operations that are used for ordinary, literal language. Glucksberg is a professor of psychology.

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