November 21, 2001: Snapshot

Band on the run

By Frank Wojciechowski

It sure wasn’t the game that made John Andrews ’05 jump up and down. No, Andrews, a trumpet player for the Princeton University Band, was taunting his counterparts from Cornell — who claim to be the Ivy League’s only “real” marching band
and have th
e starched uniforms to prove it — before the football game at Princeton Stadium on Saturday, October 27. Senior saxophone player Ken Fraunhoffer (looking at the camera) says the most entertaining part of playing with PUB is seeing the opposing bands.
Princeton’s halftime show that day told the story of the country mouse from Cornell who decided he was tired of cramming for exams, milking cows, and serving continental breakfasts, and so, rather than throw himself in a gorge, set off to see civilization — Princeton, of course.
Oh, the Tigers lost, 10—7.

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