October 9, 2002: Snapshot

Give and Take

By Frank Wojciechowski

During her first week at Princeton, Keita Rose-Atkinson ’06 was one of more than 100 freshmen participating in Community Action, a community service variation on the popular Outdoor Action orientation trips. Rose-Atkinson, who is from Sunrise, Florida, helped out at the Mount Carmel Guild in Trenton, rotating among the guild’s three-part outreach of nursing for the elderly, emergency food and clothing assistance, and daycare. On September 4, she assisted the teachers in daycare. She explains, “I chose to do Community Action because volunteering was my main extracurricular in high school and I wanted to continue that on a college level, so I thought CA would be a perfect place to start. By the way, I was not disappointed; I had a wonderful time doing CA and highly recommend it to anyone.”


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