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Puzzle imageJuly 6, 2005: Features

Together again

By Stella Daily ’00

For the answer to this puzzle, click here.


1. One on the cover of US Weekly

6. It comes after gee

11. ’80s soda in a red can

14. Marcus Welby, MD actress Verdugo

15. Round loaf of bread

16. Int’l. workers’ association

17. It’s held high at 40-Across

19. Sticky stuff

20. Whence St. Francis

21. Global septet

22. Young newt

23. Daffy Duck’s problem

25. Discover, as gossip or relics

27. French curate

30. Heavenly instrument

32. Comp. ____ (East Pyne dept.)

33. West of “She Done Him Wrong”

34. Mine find

35. Far from dauntless

38. Get ready, for short

40. Highlight of Reunions

42. Coleslaw or mashed potatoes

43. What italics indicate

45. Mangy mutt

46. Victor at Chancellorsville

47. Prominent feature of a Neanderthal

48. Greek portico

49. Relative of PDQ

50. “The Poet and the _____”

(O. Henry tale)

53. Polaris or Antares

55. Fond du ___, Wisconsin

56. Fork-tailed seabird

58. It comes after the appetizer

62. Pop the question

63. They’re proudly in front at 40-Across

65. Last letter

66. Wipe the slate clean

67. Bert’s TV roommate

68. Supermodel Carol

69. Fists, slangily

70. Water-repellent wool


1. Large intestine parts

2. House additions

3. Where sheep may safely graze

4. Store, as grain

5. Some Princeton Glee Club members

6. Org. for JDs

7. Charged particles

8. Major service, for a car

9. Dust, mop, or sweep

10. What an actress may play in a cameo role

11. Accessories worn at 40-Across

12. Up in the air

13. He shot Lincoln

18. Chess pieces that move on the diagonal

24. Last of Henry VIII’s wives

26. What the pretentious put on

27. Elec. measures

28. Brother to Lisa and Maggie

29. Garb of choice for 40-Across

31. Gasp with joy or cringe in disgust

35. Pumped full of bubbles

36. It’s often represented by a light bulb

37. ___ Blue (famed chess machine)

39. What pods hold

41. Pairs

44. Tried to get a fly

48. Run in the Nude Olympics

49. Maestro Toscanini of La Scala

50. Landmark hotel of New York

51. Artist’s support source

52. Early prime minister of India

54. Broadway backer

57. Aroma, to an oenophile

59. Novelist-philosopher who founded the Objectivism movement

60. Pennsylvania port

61. Site of the Fall

64. ___ Miserables


Stella Daily ’00 is a crossword constructor and sixth-place finisher at the 2005 American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.

For the answer to this puzzle, click here. end of article



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