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July 6, 2005: From the Archives

There is no archive photo for this issue. In its place PAW featured the following photograph of class secretaries.

Orange and black and read all over

Photo by Frank Wojciechowski

Class secretaries are shown at Maclean House on Reunions weekend when they gathered for the annual party PAW holds in their honor. Pictured in the back row (l-r) are: Massie Ritsch ’98, Marc Fisher ’80, Eric Jones ’54, Sam Englehart ’49, Ken Michaelchuck ’68, memorialist Warren Eginton ’45, PAW Class Notes editor Fran Hulette, John Kauffmann ’45, Bruce Merrifield ’42, Jotham Johnson ’64, Jim Parmentier ’66, Michael Parish ’65, Charles Brothman ’51; Sharon Aucoin ’84, and Brett Chevalier ’02; front row: Risa Williams McMillan ’85, Kimberly Ho Schoelen ’81, Asa Bushnell ’47, George Brakeley III ’61, Kristina Sherry ’04, Jack Kellogg ’32, Stephanie Anderson ’74, Ed Strauss ’72, John Paul ’55, Bob VanWagoner ’44, and David Reeves ’48. Class secretaries Chris Hand ’95 and Richard Grieves ’60 and Class of 1937 memorialist Irma Mirante attended the party, but were not present for the photo. end of article