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September 14, 2005: Crossword

Four of eleven

By Stella Daily ’00

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1. Hop-drying kilns

6. Egged on

11. CBS drama starring Marg Helgenberger

14. Type of trapshooting

15. Ecologist’s term for a community

16. Parking area #21 at Princeton, for one

17. Eating club with a zoo animal feel?

19. Play for a sap

20. #51 at Frick Lab

21. Letter-shaped construction support

23. Word often used by Randy Johnson on American Idol

24. Satyr’s wild revel

26. Postal creed word

29. Eating club where mountaineering is key?

34. Cause to turn red, perhaps

36. By close of business, in memos

37. Any of the Joads

38. Baroque composer whose works are found in the Scheide Library

39. Fairytale baddies

41. Daughter, in Durango

42. Biblical measure approximately equal to 3.5 liters

43. Ill-fated Ken of Enron

44. More like the Sahara

45. Eating club focused on the boys of summer?

49. Amer. military branch

50. Tigressions soloist, maybe

51. Foes of the Allies

53. Capture a dogie, perhaps

56. Law & Order has many of these

60. Is for you?

61. Before the days of a certain eating club?

64. Quasimodo’s portrayer

65. Wrap at the grocery store

66. Referee, slangily

67. Without a mate

68. One typically spends four of these at Princeton

69. Princeton degree, to one’s career


1. Fed. workplace watchdog

2. Similar

3. Mo. in which Princeton classes begin

4. Neither hot nor cold

5. A bikini bares it

6. River of central Africa

7. Covered in hoarfrost

8. Donald Rumsfeld ’54’s party, for short

9. Flightless Australian bird

10. Create the artwork for a beer jacket

11. Popular whodunit game

12. Hitter of 66 home runs in ’98

13. Dean Cain ’88 and Brooke Shields ’87, once

18. Part of a new Princeton graduate’s garb

22. With 63-Down, a long-ago time

24. The duck, in Peter and the Wolf

25. Sets free (of)

26. Fat cat

27. Barack of the Senate

28. Runs on the Princeton track team, perhaps

30. Streep of The Deer Hunter

31. 1952 film by Akira Kurosawa

32. Much jungle greenery

33. Have an intense longing

35. Destroys sensitive documents, in a way

39. Patron saint of Norway

40. Fabulous fest

44. 17th-century philosopher best known for his Ethics

46. Kind of diagnostic test

47. Some roasting chickens

48. Angle between a leaf and its stem

52. Units of loudness

53. Composer of Le Roi d’Ys

54. He plays 3B for the NYY

55. E-mail command button

56. The Lion King villain

57. Fudges the truth

58. Food at Frist or Forbes

59. Venetian blind part

62. Actress ____ Dawn Chong

63. See 22-Down

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