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November 2, 2005: Crossword

The big game

By Stella Daily ’00

The answer to this puzzle: CLICK HERE.



1. One from 12-Down

4. What the nose knows

8. Out of one’s mind

13. Pair on a team

14. Gave a command to

15. Wahine’s greeting

16. Taut extremities?

18. Knot on a tree stump

19. Chicago Mrs. known best for her cow

20. Like the Sahara

22. Prompt at Theatre Intime

23. From Novi Sad, perhaps

25. Much-admired GE bigwig

27. Lodge firmly (in)

29. When eating clubs are busy for lunch

32. It’s no longer required of Princeton students

35. Vientiane’s land

37. Firestone library, it might be said

38. Rosemary’s Baby author Levin

39. Cash, slangily

41. Drag queen’s purchase

42. One’s place in the world

44. One mentioned in a will

45. Hosiery problem

46. Antiaircraft fire sound

48. Alternative to sparkling, in water

50. Camera setting, for short

52. Unaffected by pleasure or pain

56. Gear for a geisha

58. Some, in Spanish

60. Lest

61. Use an eraser

63. The zest of a location?

65. Tom of Amadeus

66. Hazy glow

67. Winged Greek god

68. Meal served at the Center for Jewish Life

69. Lang. used by computer science majors

70. Go to pot



1. Napoleon’s fate

2. Contemporary of Braque and Picasso

3. Dwell in, as a dorm

4. Like commands that can be executed

5. Rather in a scandal in 2004

6. Bookie’s figures

7. Darn again

8. Early plastic now sought by collectors

9. An online univ. is one

10. Come in contact with feathers?

11. Like some traffic, for short

12. The foe, 11/12/05, and a hint at the theme of this puzzle

13. Indians once part of the Winnebago nation

17. Rickrack or ribbons

21. Shiny Happy People band

24. Not o’er

26. Electronic storage device, for short

28. Plays the fond grandparent

30. Nike competitor

31. Safecracker, slangily

32. Actress Merrill of Checkmate

33. Red explorer?

34. Support actress Sally?

36. Business attire, or slang for those who wear them

39. Non-tenured rank at Princeton

40. Like some literary reviews

43. Holds, as a Princeton degree

45. Bit of raingear

47. ___-tiki

49. One and only

51. Mamas’ counterparts

53. Where Aida premiered

54. Fancy tie type

55. Units of Albanian currency

56. Purchaser of The New York Times, 1896

57. One of three patriotic colors

59. Counterfeit coin

62. High card, often

64. What’s up one’s sleeve?

Stella Daily ’00 is a crossword constructor and sixth-place finisher at the 2005 American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.

The answer to this puzzle: CLICK HERE.

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