February 15, 2006: Crossword

Getting in

By Stella Daily ’00

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1. Rapelye, Princeton’s dean of admission
6. TV-regulating agency
9. Getting into Princeton, for many
14. Meeting place of ancient Greece
15. Dogpatch diminutive
16. How approximately half of the freshman class gets in
17. It’s jumped in some wedding ceremonies
18. Hagen of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf
19. ____ Pizza (Frist Campus Center eatery)
20. Princeton’s theater’s financially successful?
23. Dockworkers’ org.
24. Teacher’s favorite
25. Like the latest fashions
28. Legal thing
31. What a Baccalaureate speech conveys
36. Layer
37. Great Australian ____ (Southern Ocean feature)
39. SNL alum Cheri
40. Encroach on a concert for charity?
43. Unusual’s partner
44. Their languages and literature are studied in East Pyne
45. Suffix in CHM 301
46. With compassion
48. Part of TGIF
49. Bits of work at McDonnell Hall?
50. You can build it at Dillon Gym
52. Up to, for short
54. Blasphemous Cuban leader?
61. How romantic meals are enjoyed
62. “This ____ test ... ”
63. Princeton financial aid recipients don’t need to worry about these
65. Brooke Shields ’87, e.g.
66. A Hummer needs plenty of it
67. Clapton and Benet
68. Part of a hunting cry
69. High degree at Fine Hall
70. Shoe parts that often wear out first

1. Start of a one-two
2. Farming prefix
3. When shadows are shortest
4. Blue, in a way
5. Dravidian language
6. Smoke conveyer
7. Credit-card company prefix
8. Manila envelope part
9. Religious rituals
10. April forecast, often
11. Contemporary of Agatha
12. He’s on your side
13. One of four Lady Marmalade singers, in Moulin Rouge
21. Bay Area county
22. Ask for milk, in a way
25. Girl who isn’t politically correct?
26. First name in fauvism
27. Done for laughs
29. They come from a 36-Across
30. Firestone Library feature
32. Sault ____ Marie
33. Decision for some students who apply 16-Across
34. It goes in a groove
35. Itsy-bitsy pests
37. Portrayer of Eddie’s dad, in a 1970s TV show
38. Lift on the slopes
41. Kind of dwarf
42. 1996 role for Madonna
47. Tenth Hebrew letter
49. The bull at the corrida
51. Condescend (to)
53. Keys and such
54. What a light bulb represents
55. ____ Painter, Princeton professor emerita of American history
56. 66-Across, for one
57. Exam many Princeton srs. take
58. It may be petty
59. Way to get to NYC from Princeton
60. Almost never
61. Exam accepted from some Princeton applicants in lieu of the SAT
64. Snake’s warning

Stella Daily ’00 is a crossword constructor and sixth-place finisher at the 2005 American Crossword Puzzle Tournament.

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