February 14, 2007: From the archives

From the Archive

Not everyone got the message to dress up for this official photo of The Princeton Tiger magazine board. The result is a rogues’ gallery, circa 1975, in which archivists have identified only the three men seated at center: José Pincay-Delgado ’77, second from left; W. Allen Scheuch II ’75, to Pincay-Delgado’s left; and Kenneth Offit ’77. Pincay-Delgado continues to serve the magazine as business manager of its graduate board, and Offit’s daughter, Anna ’08, is currently the publication’s managing editor. W.L. Bill Allen Jr. ’79, whose photographs occasionally appear in PAW, is the man standing with the camera at far right, but can PAW readers name the other students? And who is the fellow hiding behind the “R”? end of article