Web Exclusives: Comparative Life
a PAW web exclusive column by By Kristen Albertsen '02 (email: albertsn@princeton.edu)

October 23, 2002:

View from abroad
Reflections on privacy in the UK and the US

Comparative Life Archives, Volume 03:

October 9, 2002: A new life in the old world
Becoming the new girl on campus as a post grad
September 11 , 2002:

The unsullied Princeton
Scandal or no, it doesn't matter to me

Comparative Life Archives, Volume 02:

June 5, 2002: Beyond FitzRandolph
Will the walls come tumbling down?
May 15 , 2002: Senior check out
Or just checking out as a senior
April 24, 2002: Whither art?
Science seems to be the end-all these days
April 10, 2002: Academic nostalgia already
With the thesis turned in, what's a senior to do?
March 27 , 2002: T for T
Not tit for tat, but Tees for theses
March 13, 2002 Princeton, rethink yourself!
Try asking opinions about what really matters
February27, 2002: When influenza hits hard
Coping without mom
February13, 2002:
Ominous and heartwarming
Taking a study break with Pres. Bush
January 30 , 2002: Date with a dean
How to manage the coffee, the papers, and time when the papers are due
December 19, 2001: December in Princeton
Holiday parties and end of semester anxiety
December 5, 2001: My favorite Marshall
A best friend wins a coveted fellowship, and deservedly so
November 21, 2001: Coming together
Watching 1,200 seniors begin to coalesce as one class
November 7, 2001:
A room of her own
With time and construction, one senior's spaces change and disappear
October 24, 2001:
Freshman year is for freshmen
Sending a brother off to college puts a senior on alert