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December 6, 2000:
How Well Do You Know Hal?

by Annie Ruderman '01

Shapiro's stepping down, and all of Princeton is wondering who the next president will be. But this On the Campus writer is curious about something else: How well do students actually know the commander in chief?

What follows is a survey of 100 Princeton undergraduates all asked the same question: How Well Do You Know Hal? [The number in brackets represents the number of students who chose that answer.]

1. Hal hails from:

A) Montreal [40]

B) Michigan [25]

C) Old Lyme, Conn. [15]

D) Highland Park, Ill. [15]

E) Princeton, N.J. [5]


2. Shapiro's siblings include:

A) Brothers Wes and Alex [18]

B) Twin brother, Bernard [50]

C) Twin sister, Carol [9]

D) He's an only child [23]


3. Before coming to Princeton, Hal presided over what university:

A) University of Michigan [23]

B) Duke [45]

C) Lehigh [17]

D) Cornell [10]

E) University of Iowa [5]


4. Degree he received:

A) An A.B. in Economics from Princeton in 1956 [12]

B) An A.B. in Classics from Princeton in 1956 [5]

C) A PhD in Economics from Princeton in 1964 [59]

D) A PhD in Economics from that other school in Cambridge, 1964 [24]


5. Hal became president of Princeton in:

A) 1979 [3]

B) 1985 [27]

C) 1995 [8]

D) 1988 [46]

E) 1982 [16]


6. He is the university's _________ president:

A) 9th [4]

B) 18th [50]

C) 20th [26]

D) 22nd [20]


7. Hal's wife's name is :

A) Jane [28]

B) Lolly [12]

C) Toni [3]

D) Vivian [55]

E) Janina [2]


8. What three buildings were built during the Shapiro administration:

A) Wallace Hall, Scully, McDonnell [49]

B) Frist, Icahn Laboratory, Robertson [22]

C) Frist, the CJL, Green [39]

D) McCosh, Dillon, Firestone [0]


9. Shapiro raised ____ in the 250th Anniversary fund raising campaign, the largest in Princeton's history:

A) $2.1 billion [37]

B) $ 95 million [9]

C) $1.14 billion [45]

D) $1.05 billion [9]


10. While president of Princeton, Shapiro also chaired President Clinton's:

A) Commission on Educational Reform 18

B) Commission on Environmental Warming 4

C) National Immigration Advisory Commission 2

D) National Bioethics Advisory Commission 76

E) National Air and Space Association 0


11. Shapiro authors this column in the Princeton Alumni Weekly:

The President's Page [43]

Notes from Nassau Hall [39]

My Day [5]

Shapiro Speaks [10]

News from Nass [3]


12. After retiring, Shapiro plans to:

A) Return as a member of the Princeton facultyin economics and the WWWS [70]

B) Move to Palm Beach [9]

C) Head Princeton's Center for Human Values [12]

D) Return as the chairman of Princeton's newly built Genomics Institute [8]

E) Freelance for PAW [1]