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September 10, 2003:

P-Nut's Predictions
From World Series to senior plans

Saying it was a quick summer is like saying I'm fairly handsome.

No, that means it's an understatement.

Between the Montreal Expos' improbable try at a wild-card spot, some glorious days at Pac-Bell stadium in San Francisco, and — of course — a decadent weekend with Hef and Charlie Sheen at the Mansion, I had a pretty hectic three months. That's all done, sadly (I'll miss you, Barbie from Baton Rouge). The school year is in full swing again, and the athletic season has already begun.

So, without further ado, here are some of the P-Nut's predictions for the upcoming year:

Nathan Walton '01, despite a great first name, will not be elected governor of California. He is trying his best, though. Don't believe me? www.nate4gov.com

A winning season was a brief but beautiful change. Despite looking good on the defensive side of things, Princeton Football will not be able to recover from the loss of Chisom Opara '03 and Cameron Atkinson '03. Look for an upset win Nov. 15th, though, when Yale visits Old Nassau.

The Return of the King for Best Picture. No Best Actor nominations, though, as even the Academy feels Sean Astin was better as Rudy.

A great season for Men's Soccer, which will ride a strong group of seniors to an Ivy title.

A 10th straight Ivy title for Women's Field Hockey, who despite losing a large group to graduation will continue to dominate within the conference.

A White Sox-Braves World Series. You can't stop a hot team in the fall, and the White Sox are just underestimated enough to really surprise some people. It won't be enough, though, to defeat the Braves' combination of a great closer and several big bats. This is sad, because the P-Nut hates the Braves.

Another dismal season for Men's Hockey, which will continue to have trouble finding the net. Look for an outstanding season from Matt Maglione '04, though, who jumped up from the line to help on offense on more than one occasion last year.

Another zero for Sprint Football in the Wins column.

My thesis, done by Christmas.

A legendary year from Yasser El-Halaby '06, who will go undefeated as he continues to win everything put in front of him on the squash court.

More big numbers on the hardwood from Becky Brown '06, who will follow up a huge freshman campaign with an even bigger sophomore year. Brown has the potential to become Princeton's best female hoopster ever, and she'll show why as early as November 23rd against Nebraska.

A surprising year from Men's Water Polo. The team dreamed big last year under the guidance of the giant Kevin Foster '03, but never seemed to fully realize its potential. Look for Danny Holligan '04, Daniel McKenna '04, and the gifted John Stover '06 to give Tigers fans more than they expect.

Some NHL surprises. The Colorado Avalance, despite more firepower than North Korea, will feel the retirement of Patrick Roy, and the Mighty Ducks will return to the Stanley Cup Finals... where, of course, they will be swept by the Montreal Canadiens.

Another Women's Lacrosse title? It could happen. The Tigers will certainly miss a truly gifted bunch of seniors, but Elizabeth Pillion '05 and Theresa Sherry '04 will at least give the team a chance.

More lightweight rowing dominance, plain and simple.

A high-paying job for me, courtesy of some wise and far-sighted alumnus.

A building year for Men's Basketball, which will likely challenge for the Ivy title regardless. Expect the biggest things next year, though, when Will Venable '05 and Judson Wallace '05 will surely send the Tigers to the NCAA tournament.

A Lakers' sweep in the NBA championship, over anyone. Even if Larry Legend steps on the court himself, Shaq and the gang are reclaiming their hardware.

A vengeful season from Men's Lacrosse, which will atone for last year's poor finish and claim the NCAA title. Ryan Boyle '04 wouldn't end his legendary Princeton career any other way.

While those are predictions, here are some things I can guarantee you'll see over the coming year — they'll all be right here, in the P-Nut Gallery:

The P-Nut practices with a varsity team. Inevitably, I will surprise them and be invited to join.

The P-Nut catches up with some athletic alumni.

PAW flies the P-Nut to the World Series. Really, you'll see them all here. So stay tuned, sportsfans, 'cause I've only got nine months left.


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