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November 5, 2003:
Forecasting a fall filled with champions

Field hockey, men's water polo, and women's soccer are the best bets

First, before any of this week's wisdom, let's take a moment to congratulate me on my last column's prediction that football would defeat Brown. It was a tough pick, I'll admit, and I appreciate your letters of awe and amazement. When you have the sporting acumen that I do, you just develop the ability to see these things coming. Among my other predictions for the coming year:

Men's lacrosse will have a winning record.

The Los Angeles Lakers will have more than three players average double figures in scoring.

A goalie will win the NHL's Vezina Trophy.

Super Bowl XXXVIII will be held in Houston.

You can bet the mortgage on any of these. However, there are other arenas where I can be a little more speculative. The first semester is not even two months old, but several sporting seasons are already entering the home stretch. Who has a shot at a championship? The P-Nut predicts:

Field Hockey — The Tigers, who have yet to drop an Ivy game, defeated No. 7 Old Dominion in an October 19 match-up. They're definitely peaking at the right time, and have proven they can take the big games. I see an Ivy title for field hockey, and could even see goalie Allison Nemeth '07 taking the team deep into the NCAA Championships in late November. The P-Nut grew up watching Patrick Roy, so I know that if there's one thing that can bring a team to unexpected glory, it's good goalkeeping. (Of course, if there's one thing that can remove all chances of a team gaining unexpected glory, it's Steve Bartman.)

Men's water polo — Come on, you knew I'd have them in here. Before a disappointing loss to Navy on October 19, they were the No. 1 team in the CWPA. Of course, the Tigers had already beaten the boys from the Academy twice this season. They'll likely meet again on November 16 in the Eastern Championships final at Navy. This may be the team's best shot a trip to the NCAA tournament, and the P-Nut believes Princeton will sink the Midshipmen.

Women's Soccer — This one will likely be settled not by orange and black, but by Green. The Tigers have already lost to Dartmouth this season, a loss they may regret more and more as the season draws to a close. Esmerelda Negron '05 and Emily Behncke '06 will make short work of Princeton's next two Ivy opponents, Cornell and Penn. But if Dartmouth (4-0-1) doesn't drop an Ivy match, the Tigers will have to settle for second. It's a shame, but fans can count on an Ivy title next year for this young squad, regardless of what happens in November.

Football — The P-Nut thinks the football team has a real shot at righting the ship, if only they can ... ah, who am I kidding? No chance.

Finally, the P-Nut again implores readers to e-mail in their thoughts, without regard for relevance or even politeness. A quick look through my inbox reveals only the following:

Sender: Miles Sellyn; Subject: Don't forget, fantasy basketball draft on Tuesday

Sender: eBay Bid Confirm; Subject: eBay Bid Confirmed: Vintage Larry Robinson Canadiens Jersey NICE (Item #2760111938)

Those are good ... but not exactly column-inspired. So, please, send your thoughts to the Nut.


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