Web Exclusives: Under the Ivy Archives, Volume 05:
a column about Princeton history by Jane Chapman Martin ’89 paw@princeton.edu

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July 19, 2006: The heartbeat of PAW 
Year after year, Class Notes are the thread that binds alumni together 
May 10, 2006: An outbreak of ‘Hiss-teria’  
Tigers roared when Whig-Clio invited Alger Hiss to speak
April 19, 2006:

Great halls of learning 
Ralph Adams Cram championed the collegiate gothic style at Princeton 

April 5, 2006: ‘The alma mater he never left’
The complex relationship of Princeton and F. Scott Fitzgerald ’17
March 8, 2006: ‘The vital power of a great affection’
Moses Taylor Pyne 1877 was one of Princeton’s most influential supporters
March 22, 2006:

Wearing many hats
B. Franklin Bunn 1907 was a Princeton fixture – on and off campus

February 15, 2006: A war of words
When Professor Woodrow Wilson took on Princeton’s president
Jan. 25, 2006:
‘We had to have that clapper’
50 years later, a clapper-nabber sent a confession – and a check
December 14, 2005: A multitasking Tiger
Asa S. Bushnell ’21 left his mark on Princeton and amateur athletics
Nov. 16, 2005:
‘Football is only a game … Nuts’
There was no sugarcoating the 1937 Yale game’s final score
Nov. 2, 2005: Out in the country
A New Jersey farm has raised generations of Princetonians
October 19, 2005: A mighty wind
At 77, the University Chapel organ still produces ‘an extraordinary sound’
October 5, 2005: When Campus Club was young
A benefactor, bonds, and a rented pool table helped launch a new eating club
September 14 , 2005: Ride a white horse
A class presidency that started as a joke and ended with a gallop
July 6, 2005: A gallery of Princeton artists
Celebrating mystery, intensity, fantasy, and beauty
June 8, 2005:

The magician and the escape artist
Two early-’70s alumni knew how to amaze an audience

May 11, 2005: A ‘labyrinth of dark stacks’
Some not-so-fond memories of Pyne Library
April 20, 2005: Princeton style, circa 1955
Jackets, ties, V-necked sweaters – and Frank Lloyd Wright
April 6, 2005:
Three years and out?
Proposals by the ‘Bressler Commission’ in 1971 sparked debate
March 23, 2005:
Heading west, on a single wing
Fritz Crisler had success at Princeton, and more at Michigan
March 9, 2005 The melting pot
50 years ago, one University house offered a global mosaic
January 23, 2005: Arts and crafts
Working at a loom, eight hours a day
February 9, 2005:

Written in stone
Lessons learned from campus Latin inscriptions

January 26, 2005: A star is born
December 8, 2004:

Triangle Follies

November 17, 2004:

Great expectations

November 3, 2004: Everyman’s education
October 20, 2004:
Glory Days
October 6, 2004: A Teacher’s Roar
English professor J. Duncan Spaeth
September 15, 2004:
The rule of fiction
Make it ring true, whether it is or not

Under the Ivy Archives, Volume 04:

July 7, 2004:
Another war, another time
Reflections of World War II

June 9, 2004:

Setting sail
Words from Patton, the president, not the general

May 12, 2004:

From a sprig has sprung . . . well, Kate
PAW’s girl all grown up

April 21, 2004:

Beer jacket jaunt
For seniors, now and then, the coverall says it all

April 7, 2004: The Baths of Firestone
Ancient spaces, current usage

March 24, 2004:


President Patton
A peek at this pious, unpretentious educator

March 10, 2004:

Take the gloves off
We're erecting a building at Princeton
February 25, 2004:

To fallen friends
Memorials at PAW are forever

February 11, 2004:

Pleasure in the webs that bind
Finding one connection after another in Princeton's past

January 28, 2004: Here's to Jadwin
She's a grand old dome
November 19, 2003: The War Cry 
November 19, 2003:

Battles of the Sexes
2003 and 1968

November 5 , 2003:

Princeton in Reason and Rhymes
October 22, 2003:

A winning team, in more than score
Sometimes it's not the coach, it's the trainer

October 8, 2003:


Flickshakes and bunk
Princetonese, circa 1941

September 10, 2003:


Weighed Down by the Past
Looking at the words from decades ago


Under the Ivy Archives, Volume 03:

July 2, 2003:
Wetter than wet
Reunions - Sweeter than sweet
June 4, 2003:
Honor Among Tigers
Cheating, or not, at Princeton
May 14, 2003:
The late, great Palmer Stadium
In its heyday, 18,000 would throng to track invitational

April 23, 2003:

Rites of spring
Over the decades, there's a loveliness in the sameness

April 9, 2003:

Petticoat Junction
When Princeton let women in WAY before it went coed

March 26, 2003:

The Character Question, Circa 1933

March 12, 2003: In 1961, the change had begun
A woman is admitted to the Graduate School

February 26, 2003:

It all "ads" up
A taste of the times through PAW's old advertisements

February 12, 2003:

Looking at 1952
When Adlai Stevenson '22 was up for president
January 29, 2003:

Tiger, tiger everywhere
And not paper enough to ink

December 18, 2002: Mastering Bicker or Bickering over the Masters

December 4 , 2002:

Sugar, Sugar
How a junior's run for office turned into campus legend

November 20, 2002:

Plus a change
Especially when it comes to Yale and, well, booze
November 6, 2002: Spirits of the gridiron
From 1893 to 2002, from Wister to Splithoff
October 23 , 2002:
Autumn's in the air
Once upon a time, there were fireplaces in the rooms
October 9, 2002: Sure, you can claim perfect attendance at reunions
Fictitious classmates enjoy records at Princeton
September 11 , 2002:

Looking at Veterans of Future Wars
Wags from the Class of 1936 fool nation