Reunions/Commencement 2005: A PAW Photo Album
This page contains links to more than 160 photos taken by PAW photographers during the 2005 Reunions and Commencement activities. Below left is a slideshow of Reunions photos; below right is a slide show of Commencement photos. Photos of each of the major reunion classes, as well as of Graduate School alumni activities, the Old Guard, and general Reunions photos, can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate links below. In-depth coverage of 2005 reunions and Commencement can be found in the July 6, 2005, issue of PAW.

The Class of 1940

The Class of 1945

The Class of 1950

The Class of 1955

The Class of 1960

The Class of 1965

The Class of 1970

The Class of 1975

The Class of 1980

The Class of 1985

The Class of 1990

The Class of 1995

The Class of 2000

The Class of 2005

Graduate School

The Old Guard


Jay Lehr '57, unicycling in the P-rade for the sixth straight year, draws cheers from the graduating Class of 2005. Reunions drew close to 20,000 persons back to Princeton for the Memorial Day weekend. To view PAW's slide show of 28 photos from Reunions 2005, click on the photo above, then click on the instructions above each new photo.

General Reunion Pictures


Photographs by:

Ricardo Barros
Celene Chang '06
Beverly Schaefer,
Frank Wojciechowski

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The Class of 2005 heads for FitzRandolph Gate at the conclusion of the University's 258th Commencement. To view PAW's slide show of 25 photos of Commencement Day activities, click on the photo above, then click on the instructions above each new photo.



Voices of Reunions 2005
A selection of quotes heard around the campus

2005 Commencement and Class Day: student addresses
Valedictorian Varun K. Phadke '05 on not being too serious
Salutatorian Graham E. Phillips '05 on the "Roman conquest of Princeton"
Margaret Johnson '05 on worries about "our impossibly bright future"


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