Reunions 2002 Photo Album

Highlights from Chris Connell ’71's camera.

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Linda Bell Blackburn '71, daughter Akira Johnson '95, and twin grandchildren Samantha and Ethan. Johnson

The Class of 2002 poses on the steps of Blair Arch.

Jim ’71and Nancy Beha.

Kerry and Ron Riner ’71, Irene and Mike Phelps ’71,
and Steve Dreyfuss ’71.

Mike Sheldon ’71 and Chris Connell ’71.

Men's lacrosse team, number two in the U.S.

Helen and Ned Hetherington with Holly '02

President Tilghman flanked by Bob Rawson ’66 and
Diane DeCordova ’83. Margaret Miller ’80 follows.

The band.

15th reuners.

15th reuners.

Women's lacrosse team, national winners.

Jack and Ronnie Hittson ’71 and their kids (inlcuding David ’03 and Lauren ’05) hoist the class banner.

Ron ’71 and Kerry Riner

Krist Pitney ’02, Ginger Davis, and Jamie Pitney ’71.

The reviewing stand.

Graham Sheldon ’02, Mike Sheldon ’71, and Diane Sheldon.

Former president Bob Goheen ’40.

Mark Mazo ’71 and Bill Lewis ’71

A 1987 reuner in pajamas: A Dream Fifteen.

View from the beer.

Peter Teti (8 months) perches atop his grandfather Jim Beha ’71. Peter's parents are Alice Teti ’00 and Len Teti ’99.

Linda Pirolli ’77 with a tiger in her tank.