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April 2002:

Princeton physicist Paul Steinhardt and Neil Turok of Cambridge University proposed a new theory of the universe that suggests that space and time may not have begun in a big bang, but may have always existed in an endless cycle of expansion and rebirth. The theory in an article published April 25 in an online edition of Science.

Steinhardt's web page: http://feynman.princeton.edu/~steinh/

Other sites commenting on Steinhardt's theory:



Atlantic Monthly, May 2002, www.theatlantic.com

Commentary by Walter Kirn ’83 about a national identification card

New Yorker, April 1, 2002

Robert A. Caro ’57 — Annals of Politics — The Compasson of Lyndon Johnson: Civil rights and a junior senator's career.

W.S. Merwin ’48: A poem: "To Zbigniew Herbert's Bicycle"

Atlantic Monthly, April 2002, www.theatlantic.com

Commentary by Randall Kennedy ’77 called "Blind Spot": Racial profiling, meetyour alter ego — affirmative action

"Centerpiece: Stalking the American Lobster"
Government scientists say lobsters are being dangerously overfished. Lobstermen say that's not so. Into this familiar standoff comes a new breed of ecologist, determined to understand the lobster's secret life.
By Trevor Corson ’94 http://www.theatlantic.com/issues/2002/04/corson.htm

A review of Johathan Foer '99's first novel, Everything is Illuminated.

Discover magazine:

On professors Jeremy Kasini's and David Spergel's eforts to find eath-like planets elsewhere in the universe (full text not online)

On the friendship of Albert Einstein and Kurt Godel while at the Institute for Advanced Study