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November 22, 2000:

Fashion Victim
Model behavior from Professor John Fleming

By Richard O'Brien

Princetonians chancing upon a copy of the September issue of Maxim might have been startled to see gazing out at them from the pages of that cleavage-centric magazine of young men's fashion and lifestyle none other than Professor John Fleming of the university's English department. Fleming, age 64, who had never modelled before, was featured in a fashion spread under the headline "Rebellious Behavior." He appeared decked out in $2,500 worth of Ralph Lauren and Robert Talbott and posing in East Pyne with, as the Daily Princetonian sniffingly put it, "three pierced and tattoed youths in designer punk clothing."

"I'd never heard of Maxim magazine before they called," Fleming told the Prince. "They said they were looking for the most 'professorial' person they could find. My idea was that they were really looking for 'squarest.'" The Chaucer scholar was clearly tickled by his stint strutting his stuff in front of the cameras, however, saying, "I plan to continue to exploit my bod. If you got it, flaunt it."

Spoken like a true supermodel.

Of course, it's only a matter of time before the heady world of fame and fashion turns the professor's head. We've all read the tabloids and seen the movies. We know where that runway leads...


Class is in Session-and in Season

Enroll us now! New York's fashion week was given a touch of class (as in "classroom," kids) by the A+ appearance of new modelling sensation John Fleming. The preening prof delivered a seminar in style that had industry insiders taking notes. This studious stud does for elbow patches what Fabio did for vests and bare chests. He's summa cum yummi!

- Women's Wear Daily


High Fashion Meets Higher Education

If fashion in the Sixties belonged to Twiggy, this is the era of Tweedy. Meet prof-turned-supermodel John Fleming!

- People


Extra Credit

A certain busty actress whose interest in men is anything but academic was seen slipping off the Dinky train in Princeton one night last week for a session of private tutoring. Could it be that Tweedy grades on a curve?

- New York Post, Page Six


Fashion Craze Flunks Out

Parents and health-care professionals concerned about unhealthy trends among today's young people have issued a statement harshly critical of the style known as academia-chic.

"This ubiquitous glorification of the pallid, bespectacled, stoop-shouldered type with nose in a book and chalk dust on the fingers is an all-but-explicit endorsement of the life of the mind," said Henrietta Terwilliger, chairwoman of Stop Targeting Underage Persons and Innocent Demographics. Ms. Terwilliger promised a STUPID-led boycott of all products whose ads feature the supermodel Tweedy, whom the Surgeon General referred to in a recent speech as "an insidious influence on kids, a naked glorification of the Ivy League lifestyle."

Tweedy could not be reached for comment. A spokesperson denied that the model has a chalk-abuse problem.

-The New York Times


Tweedy Twouble

Police responding to reports of a brawl at the trendy Los Angeles nightclub the Viper Room arrested fashion model Tweedy and several members of his entourage on charges of assault. According to the accounts of eyewitnesses, Tweedy, whose real name is John Fleming, had been drinking "vast amounts" of lukewarm tea from a styrofoam cup and had gotten in a heated exchange with the actor Leonardo DiCaprio over whether the Wife of Bath was hotter than Gwyneth Paltrow. Said bouncer Vito Graziano, "DiCaprio, he cited some logistical inconsistencies in Tweedy's argument, and like the dude went ballistic, man." According to Graziano and others, Fleming attacked DiCaprio, striking him repeatedly with a bookbag while several of the graduate students who accompany him wherever he goes held the actor down.

Fleming, who pleaded "ambiguously-guilty" to the charges, was released on his own recognizance. A spokesman denied that Fleming had been using chalk.

- Associated Press


Spring Break

Fashion bad-boy Tweedy, whose career was interrupted last semester by a series of arrests and behind-the-camera controversies, emerged last week at a press conference in Hollywood announcing his plans to star in a remake of the 1969 film Goodbye Mr. Chips.

"I've always wanted to act," said Tweedy.

-Entertainment Weekly