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Letter from an alumnus about Boys and computers

Date Posted: 05/22/05

I read with unease the quotation attributed to Dean Maria Klawe speaking on "Gender, Lies and Video Games" at Butler College (Notebook, April 20). She states: "Boys can be incredibly aggressive in monopolizing access to computers at school and at home." Imagine the rejoinder if one replaced "boys" with "girls." Such a sweeping and unsavory generalization would be unacceptable.

As head of Princeton's School of Engineering and Applied Science, Dean Klawe has a responsibility to promote fairness, and equality, regardless of her personal choice of advocacy. The men and women of Princeton deserve no less -- and they deserve equal treatment. Misogyny, real or alleged, does not justify misandry, unintended or implied.

Michael Ament, '85

Ann Arbor, Mich.


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