A letter from a reader about Visiting Goheen in Delhi

March 23 , 2007

The excellent piece in the Nov. 8 PAW about Robert F. Goheen ’40 *48 reminded us of a delightful hour spent with this wonderful gentleman in the fall of 1978. Knowing that we would be in Delhi overnight on our way to Nepal to go trekking, we wrote him at the American Embassy. My wife Jane’s cousin, Alison Bryan ’13, had served as a Presbyterian missionary in India and knew the Goheen family well while living there. When we didn’t hear from Ambassador Goheen before we left, we chalked it up to an over-protective assistant and called him the morning after our arrival in Delhi.

He immediately asked us to come to his office, and we were led through a waiting room full of U.S. AID people we had met on the long flight to India. We spent a relaxed hour reminiscing about his early memories of growing up in India and of knowing Alison Bryan and his family. His current views on India and that part of the world were most interesting. We’ve often thought about this visit with this warm and gracious man.

Denver, Colo.

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