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March 23 , 2007

I read of Chaplain Latif’s appointment (feature, Oct. 25) with the strong hope that maybe he would be that unique someone in the Muslim community who would stand up boldly and decry the insanity leading so many of his brethren to become mass murderers of absolutely innocent people and attackers of so much of what our Western civilizations – and we Princetonians – hold dear.
I therefore read with interest the Jan. 24 letter of Isaiah Cox ’94, feeling that his explicit questions directed to Chaplain Latif were very much on point and in order.
PAW rightfully gave the chaplain a chance to respond, in the same issue. I was embarrassed for him, in that he totally evaded all of Cox’s questions and instead came forth only with platitudes that more or less said the University community is and should be glad he is here, and not much else.
When I was an undergraduate, such an answer would have gotten a failing grade. Maybe the administration should flunk him out. He then could go back to N.Y.U. and find some more Danish cartoons to get excited about.
Atlantis, Fla.

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