A letter from a reader about Joe Brown’s sculpting course

March 23 , 2007

Mark Bernstein ’83 notes in his Nov. 8 article on Frank Stella ’58 that “When Stella first arrived at Princeton in 1954, the University’s art department did not offer any drawing classes. … The following year, William C. Seitz … began to offer a noncredit, free-form drawing course that met, for lack of any other space, in the architects’ work area at McCormick Hall.”

At some point, probably in 1954, Joe Brown, onetime boxing coach and later Resident Fellow of Sculpture at Princeton, offered a noncredit sculpting course in McCormick Hall, probably in the same space Bernstein describes. The course used live models, and students who preferred drawing to sculpting (as I did) were welcome to join the course. I imagine the year was 1954, as I recall seeing Hugh Hardy ’54 and John H. Slater ’54, among others, taking advantage of the opportunity to attend these sessions to practice their art.

Sarasota, Fla.

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