A letter from a reader about The Scottish, Presbyterian tradition

March 23 , 2007

There was an abundance of interesting material in Merrell Noden ’78’s interview with
President Goheen
. In his account of the president’s background, one fact stood out: that the Goheen parents had been Presbyterian medical missionaries in India. Later in the article, Noden quotes Princeton luminary Neil Rudenstine ’56 on Princeton’s four key presidents “who made an enormous difference at particular pivotal moments”: John Witherspoon, James McCosh, Woodrow Wilson, and Bob Goheen. Witherspoon was a Presbyterian Scot, McCosh was another Presbyterian Scot, Wilson was the son of a Presbyterian minister, and it now emerges that President Goheen was brought up in the very same Presbyterian tradition.

What could be more fitting than that Princeton today should establish a program in Scottish studies dedicated to the scholarly investigation of the religious, intellectual, and cultural contexts out of which its most significant presidents emerged?

Glasgow, Scotland

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