A letter from a reader about The global warming folly

April 4, 2007

It was with considerable disappointment that I read eight negative responses to my Dec. 13 letter to PAW regarding my skepticism over anthropogenic global warming and President Tilghman’s strong embrace of it. I was saddened and surprised that there was not a single letter of support. This is convincing evidence that most Princetonians, along with much of the nation, have been taken in by these arrogant forces convinced that mankind can override the forces of nature. Regardless of the weak arguments offered by my detractors for support of man’s destruction of the planet, as with nearly all fear-mongering in our lifetime, it will come to pass as another folly driven by money and power.

Democracy and capitalism are marvelous systems, but very capable of being gamed for individual agendas. I hope to still be marching with the Old Guard in the P-Rade when we have a big laugh over the great 21st-century global warming folly.

Ostrander, Ohio

Editor’s note: For a related essay by Lehr, click here.


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