A letter from a reader about TV news and Bush's budget

July 22, 2007:

In the article on Charles Gibson '65 (feature story, April 4), Gibson states the importance of his "calling" the president on his cut in the fiscal 2006 NIH budget. So I looked to see how much the president cut the NIH budget. I expected to find that the budget had been cut significantly. I found that it was cut $66,000, or .2 percent. There are individual households that, after overspending, have had reduce their budgets by more than $66,000. Why is it that the president cannot cut a multimillion-dollar budget by more than $66,000 while the government is running a multibillion-dollar deficit? If anything, he should be chastised for not cutting this budget by much more. Calling the president on this decision is not a "liberal" idea. It is simply a stupid idea.

Chagrin Falls, Ohio


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