A letter from a reader about Keeping up with diversity

July 22, 2007:

Your April 4 issue is chock-a-block with interesting stuff about the difference between Princeton then and now and the diversity the school seems to be striving for, from the letters about Dr. Bowen's recommendations for diversity, news of a black men's conference on campus, something that seemed like an apology from your writer about Professor Grafton not applying to Princeton from high school because his parents suspected a "taint" of anti-Semitism about the place (Taint! Hey, Old Nassau and its sister "Big Three" were stoking the smoking fires of anti-Semitism!), and, of course, Walter Murphy's wry recollection of the letter he got from our admission office that they thought he might be happier at a "Catholic school."  But the best bit about the all-things-change-but-nothing-changes aspect of the Best Old Place of All was a pleasant sign-off at one of the older class notes. It wished anyone reading the note "a joyful Easter and to others a memorable Passover." I have to say that though I still enjoy the gustatory pleasures of both holidays, since I'd given up organized religion for Lent many years ago, I did feel somewhat excluded. But more to the point, what of those choosing to celebrate Songkran, Ramadan, and all the rest of the diversity being sought so assiduously by our alma mater? It gives one pause.

Los Angeles, Calif.


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