A letter from a reader about An unhealthy process for college students

July 22, 2007:

In deeply thinking about the April 4 article "The contender," I realized that even though I was one of the "winners" in the bicker phenomenon and thus on the opposite "side" of the experience from the author, bicker and many aspects of the club experience still remain the only negative experience I had at Princeton. In retrospect, the process seems very unhealthy for people of that age group, and some of the behaviors and attitudes that I experienced in the club I find more and more distasteful the older I get. I wasn't mature enough at the time to understand these things, but I knew something was just not right. Now I wish I had been able to extract myself from that world. So why did I stay on in the club back then? It really came down to the food.

Portland, Ore.

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