Helpful links for successful audio and video

If you have trouble accessing the featured video, check the most common sources of problems below.

Strength of your internet connection: Video and audio files are significantly larger than a basic HTML file. A broadband connection is recommended to facilitate quick loading of pages, images, and bonus material. If you are a dial-up user, it will result in slower download time of pages, so please be patient.

Browser version: Make sure you have updated your web browser to the most current version. Many plugins needed to view files such as the feature videos are automatically included with the newest browser versions. You may only need to install a current browser and re-click the bonus links.
Internet Explorer
Netscape Navigator
Safari for Macintosh users

Plug-ins/support applications: Free software is available for download through the following links:
Both RealPlayer and/or Quicktime (Mac) will play the video and audio files in this special issue if your browser is not launching appropriate applications automatically. Audio files (MP3s) can also be played in iTunes for both Mac and PC.


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