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The most important thing about comedy
Posted July 21, 2008

By W. McGuire Plonk ’83

At the 25th I hoped, though you were another class
And married an architect like the song.

We shared a Henry entry but you sang arches
While I struggled with biochemistry.

Princeton seemed magical in new snow
Especially that night.

Christmas break eve, your door oddly open,
We shared schnapps with the Transfer and your roommate.

A snowman you said. Why not? Come with me.
Past two a kiss, past your room to mine, past caring, past hearing …

A knock, your roommate, her bleeding hand, McCosh.
I’m back, it’s late, the dawn Dinky, goodbye.

Long love letters unreturned, but at last reunion …
No you said. Why not? Leave me alone.

I was too desperate
I knew.

JP finished, I finally slept.
Another knock, you. Not now. Never.

At the 25th my wife says the cut was no accident.
Ask me now the most important thing about comedy. P


To submit a poem, email us at paw@princeton.edu