Writers' Block

Profiles of authors, occasional reviews, excerpts of books by Princetonians, and other literary pursuits related to Princeton. Listed in class order.

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Volume 2002-03:

Neil Graves ’61, a poem: Princeton: 42 North West College Hall

Bob Lebling ’69, a poem: WTC

Kim Pearson ’78, a poem: September 10, 2002

Randall Kennedy ’77 explores the history of the word nigger
David Reiff ’78 examines the role of humanitarian aid workers in war-torn areas
Eric Schlosser ’81 writes about fast food, prisons, and pot
Jonathan Ames ’87, writer and comic, exposes himself in newspaper columns and books In many ways
Jennifer Weiner ’91 in her second novel, In Her Shoes, looks at the relationship between two sisters
Angie Day '94 writes a coming-of-age novel after work and on weekends
Bing West *67 writes a novel based on his war experiences


Volumes 2000-01 and 2001-02:

F. Scott Fitzgerald ’17: A new book examine the marriage of one of Fitzgerald and his wife, Zelda

Sheldon Meyer '49 Meyer edited more than 50 books on American history

Dick Purdue '50: Internet publisher seeks quality material out of the mainstream

Frank Deford '61: Writer explores Rubens and reincarnation in his seventh novel

Peter Kaminsky '69: One writer obsesses on food and fishing

Gerald Horne '70: A review of From The Barrel of a Gun: The United States and the War Against Zimbabwe, 1965-1980, by Gerald Horne,

Alan Lightman '70: Author looks at the modern age in his novel, The Diagnosis

Alfred '72 Glossbrenner: With his wife, Emily, they offer literary tidbits about your favorite authors

Neil Henry '77: Talks about his book Pearl's Secret: A Black Man's Search for His White Family

Madison Smartt Bell '79: Author and professor finds himself a literary mentor to his students
Christoper Chambers ’82: With his first novel, attorney breaks new ground in crime story genre

Lisa Belkin Gelb '82: Talks about the clash of careers and kids in her new book

Mark Bernstein '83: His new book details the origins and history of the gridiron game

Jane Shumate Alison '83: Debut novel, The Love-Artist , gets good reviews

Sina Khajeh-Najafi '87: Editor of new literary magazine, Cabinet

Adam Barr '88: An excerpt from a book about working at Microsoft

Frederick Reiken '88: A writer talks about his new book and the writing life

Will Weiser '89: Publicist talks about his job as director of publicity at Crown Business Publishers

Wendy Kopp '89: Education reformer talks about her life and work and book

Stephanie Rosenbaum ’90: Her new sassy bride book encourages brides-to-be to think creatively

Jennifer Weiner '91: First-time novelist writes book about bad boyfriends

Peter Hessler '92: Writer talks about teaching in China and his new book, River Town

Akhil Sharma ’92: Investment banker pens award-winning novel, The Obedient Father

Lesley Carlin '95: Etiquette Girl talks about her new book of manners, Things You Need to Be Told

Chris Lear ’96: Writer and runner recounts his year of running cross-country with the University of Colorado
Frederick Crews *58: Author of The Pooh Perplex, pokes the Academy once more with his new book, Postmodern Pooh

Rebecca Goldstein *77: Writer, an imp of metaphysics, talks

Anne Matthews *81: In her book, she chronicles nature’s tenacious hold on habitat