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Spring 2014 Schedule

Location: Bowl 016, Robertson Hall
Time: Monday, 12:15

February 10

Christina Davis,
Princeton University
Membership Conditionality and Institutional Reform: The Case of the OECD



February 17

Boliang Zhu,
NCGG Fellow/Penn State University
Foreign Direct Investment and Corruption: Evidence from China



February 24

Daniel Verdier,
Ohio State University
Global Regime Divergence: Why the World Trade Regime Has Become More Legalized While the Finance Regime Has Become Less Legalized



March 3

Don Leonard,
NCGG Fellow, Princeton University
Hard Times in Poor Places: Trade crises and state development in the periphery



March 10

Kier Lieber,
Georgetown University
Daryl Press,
Dartmouth University
Conventional War and Nuclear Escalation
[Co-sponsors: International Security Studies; China and the World; Science and Global Security]



March 24

Austin Carson,
NCGG Fellow, Princeton University
The Power in Opacity: Rethinking Information in International Organizations



March 31

Allison Carnegie,
NCGG Fellow/University of Chicago
International Institutions and Political Liberalization: Evidence from the World Bank Loans Program



April 7

Yuen Foong Khong,
University of Oxford, Nuffield College
The American Tributary System



April 14

Mark Blyth,
Brown University
Europe and the Sovereign Debt Crisis that Isn't: Or, How to Turn an Lending Crisis into a Spending Crisis and Pocket the Spread
[Co-sponsor: EU Program]



April 21

Robert Powell,
University of California, Berkeley
Nuclear Brinkmanship, Limited War, and Military Power

April 28

Jeff Colgan,
American University
Revolutions, Personalist Dictators, and International Conflict

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