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Spring 2015 Schedule

Location: Bowl 016, Robertson Hall
Time: Monday, 12:15

February 9

Geoffrey Wallace,
NCGG Fellow
The Reputational Consequences of International Legal Commitments



February 16

Andreas Wimmer,
Princeton University
Nation-state Formation and War in the Modern World
[Co-sponsors: Center for International Security Studies]



February 23

Shahrzad Sabet,
NCGG Fellow
Feelings First: Non-Material Factors as Moderators of Economic Self-Interest Effects on Trade Preferences



March 2

Alicia Adsera,
Princeton University
Border controls, benefits, and rights: How states shape migration patterns in a world of multiple origins and destinations



March 9

Cornelia Woll,
Sciences Po
Daryl Press,
Dartmouth University
State Capacity in Financial Times
[Co-sponsor: EU Program]



March 23

Sarah B. Danzman,
NCGG Fellow
Domestic Financial Constraints and Foreign Direct Investment Policy



March 30

Philip B.K. Potter,
University of Virginia
War and Democratic Constraint
[Co-sponsors: Center for International Security Studies]



April 6

Giovanni Mantilla,
NCGG Fellow
Coerced Empires Strike Back: The Political Origins of the International Laws of Internal Armed Conflict
[Co-sponsors: Center for International Security Studies]



April 13

Jeffrey Checkel,
Simon Fraser University
Mechanisms, Methods and the Death (?) of IR Theory



April 20

Joshua Kerzer,
Harvard University
Does Anti-Americanism Exist? Experimental Evidence from France
[Co-sponsor: EU Program]

April 27

Hein Goemans,
University of Rochester
Limits on Claims: Tying Hands and Solving Problems

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